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Sam McCulloch Jr.
Sam McCulloch Jr.

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I want to thank those who helped make this novel a reality:

My thanks to Amanda Brown, my editor. It’s a traumatic thing to hand a piece of your soul over to a stranger for examination and critique. Fortunately, Amanda mitigates an author’s anxiety with a wonderful combination of professionalism and friendliness. She meticulously edited the manuscript, insured continuity throughout, and provided valuable feedback, advice, and encouragement. Amanda is a delight to work with, and Rescuing Crockett is better for her work. If you are a writer in need of an editor, I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda (amandabrownedits.com).

My thanks to Carol Narsutis, my high school journalism teacher who made me a better writer and got me to seriously pursue writing as a career.

My thanks to all the authors and historians who have inspired me in a lifetime of reading.

Most of all, my thanks to Suzanne, my wife, partner, lover, and best friend. From the moment I cooked up the idea of this novel, she patiently listened to me talk about the research, characters, and plot as the novel took shape, acting as sounding board and prime reader. I know an author shouldn’t use a relative as a reader, but most relatives do not possess Suzanne’s thirty years’ experience evaluating writing as a literature teacher. As she read Rescuing Crockett, we discussed the questions she had and what she was experiencing and feeling. I cannot thank her enough. Suzanne is the best person I have ever known.

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Rescuing Crockett is on sale in paperback, hardcover, and eBook through the following retailers. Hardcover copies from Amazon are case laminate (full-color art printed directly on the cover).

Rescuing Crockett is adult fiction containing mild profanity, consensual sexual situations, and some graphic violence.

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