Western Historical Fiction Author

David Z. Pyke

What if Davy Crockett survived the Alamo?

1838. Silas Grant prepares for life with the girl of his dreams. The resourceful sixteen-year-old is learning the blacksmith trade from his father and frontier skills from Texas Revolution veterans. But when a portrait of David Crockett raises hope that the folk hero didn’t die two years earlier, Silas joins a quest for the truth.

Exploring a world healing from the war, Silas and his fellow Texians investigate the accounts of Alamo survivors and pursue a witness to the battle's final moments. Their odyssey turns lethal as layers of the mystery peel away to expose a shocking secret.

Will the revelation stun a nation or ignite a fatal showdown?

Rescuing Crockett is the gripping debut of the Silas Grant series. If you like suspenseful adventure, historical authenticity, a coming of age story, and an immersive reading experience, you’ll love David Z. Pyke’s tale of redemption that The Historical Fiction Company hails as "a remarkable historical novel… all your senses are involved in the battles, the landscape, the emotions, and the intrigue of this unfolding mystery. The characters are well-fleshed out, as real as a Texas storm, and the propulsion of the storyline keeps one glued to the narrative until the very end."

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What readers say


"An absolutely amazing read!! I loved this book!!! Absolutely true to the time period and the story is believable and fits in the current tone of scholarly study.... I thought it was a wonderful read and look forward to the next one!! Absolutely a highly recommended read."

—Amazon reader Lee Murray Brazos Booksellers


"Ghosts tell the tragic tale. Having recently settled in Texas an hour from the Alamo couldn't wait to visit. While there, one can almost here the whispers of the ghosts that surely are bound to the Alamo by the violent slaughter. The writer amplifies the whispers and allows the reader to hear the ghosts speak."

—Amazon reader Calinurseguy


"A real page turner! I don't typically read Westerns, but the concept of this story had me intrigued so I decided to give it a go. And I am so glad I did! If you love historical fiction and adventure, you will love this book and be looking forward to the next one. I know I am."

—Amazon reader Don G. Burbank


"I LOVED this book. It was well written, and I wanted to know more about the characters as I read the story."

—Amazon reader Tricialy


"What a treat! Historical fiction always causes me to think 'what if' and this book took me there."

—Amazon reader KerryO


"What a wonderful novel!.... I will never forget it and will read it gladly again."

—Amazon reader Tripower53


"Amazing Story!! I so loved reading this story, it is my favorite one where they blend truth and fiction.... If you keep writing them, Mr. Pyke, I will keep reading them.

—Apple Books reader BestMeAlways


"The narrative kept me spellbound from beginning to end as the plot grew stronger with each passing chapter. The storyline culminated with a spectacular finish."

—Amazon reader Paul Falk


"A winner. I certainly enjoyed this book. It captured my attention from the very beginning and held it throughout.... I highly recommend this book and hope it is very successful."

—Amazon reader Deacon Tom


"A great book full of history and fiction.... The love Emily and Silas had for each other was adorable. Hope the author writes more riveting books."

—Amazon reader coyotecactus


"Absolutely loved this book! I look forward to reading more of his stories about Silas Grant in the future!"

—Amazon reader Pap


"I was invested in Silas and the rest of the cast, it was a great concept and worked well overall. I look forward to read more in this series and from the author."

—Amazon reader darkcatra


"A great read - excellent historical fiction with action, adventure, romance, and more.... I hope we will learn more about Silas and Emily in future installments!"

—Amazon reader Amazon Customer


"Well researched, with a terrific story! I so enjoyed this "what-if" story of rescuing Dave Crockett after the Alamo attack."

—Amazon reader Prof


"It is surprising how many of the events are historical and woven together masterfully by Pyke."

—Amazon reader retired to read

Buy Rescuing Crockett today!

Buy Rescuing Crockett

Rescuing Crockett is on sale in paperback, hardcover, and eBook through the following retailers. Hardcover copies of Rescuing Crockett from Amazon are case laminate in which the full-color art is printed directly on the cover.

Rescuing Crockett is adult fiction containing mild profanity, consensual sexual situations, and some graphic violence.

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